Social Nation Africa is a digital platform established in 2021, with an aim to redefine the African creative landscape, through bringing together digital content creators and influencers from across various genres and provide them with tools and a platform to showcase their work.

Whereas SNA’s focus is mainly the creative arts, our hope is that this platform will further unlock an entire ecosystem that will help to ensure access to decent jobs and sustainably improve living conditions of artists, professionals and their immediate environment.

Currently we host a world class, first of its kind, Mansa floating studio in Mindelo, Cape Verde. The studio is also home to Social Nation Africa (SNA) and will act as the Hub for content creation, festivities, hosting (podcasts, interviews) events while also introducing creatives to new markets like Cape Verde. At a time when the African continent is becoming a one market through the AFCFTA, our state-of-the-art studio will give creatives a space to integrate and a chance to mentorship that will ultimately create a brand power, foster partnerships and creativity that can transform pan-Africanism from merely being an ideal to a tangible reality
With our founder and Chairman’s vision and passion of creating African solutions to African problems, our plan is to foster creativity, production and professionalism throughout the value chain of the creative and cultural industries for economic, social and human development.

And through this, we believe that SNA will contribute to re-writing a new narrative of positive social change and economic transformation in Africa through creative and innovative projects that we will create.